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Awesome Helmet Balaclava: Crocheting on the Slopes In Bansko

The first month in Bansko, Bulgaria enjoying true winter season went so fast! It has been a snow-filled adventure! I’ve been hitting the slopes several times a week, enjoying the thrill of skiing in the beautiful Pirin Mountains. Almost every day is filled with tons of sunshine, making it incredibly enjoyable, especially considering that back in my home country, this season gets very dark. On the other hand, there was even a straight 10 hours of snowfall. It turned everything into a real winter wonderland. But it’s not just about having fun in the snow and skiing – I’ve found a cool way to combine my love for the sport with crafting.

Making small business

Inspired by the chilly weather, I started making cute helmet balaclava to keep warm while shredding the mountain in style. I use a special yarn called Alize Puffy, which lets me play around with different designs. Some are chunky and bold, while others have delicate and fine loops, adding a bit of flair to my skiing gear.

alize puffy

Excited to share my creations, I started posting everywhere on social media. To my surprise, I had already sold six balaclavas! The positive response motivated me to keep improving my designs. The yarn proved a versatile companion, allowing me to create a diverse range of balaclavas that catered to different tastes and preferences.

At this point, I’m proud to turn my crafting hobby into a small business. The support from fellow skiers in Bansko has been amazing. And the lively atmosphere at the resort has made my helmet balaclavas a hit among winter sports enthusiasts.

As February rolls in, I’m ready for an even busier month. With the ski season’s peak, I look forward to introducing more skiers to my cozy and stylish balaclavas. The cold weather only makes people more interested in warm accessories. It will give me a chance to share my creations with a bigger audience.

helmet balaclava ski mask
Excited for midseason

Finally, my month in Bansko has been a mix of skiing fun and creative adventures. Crafting helmet balaclava with Alize Puffy yarn has kept me warm and allowed me to stand out in the skiing community. As I look forward to a busy February, the midseason, I can’t wait to see how my handmade creations continue to be a hit among fellow skiing enthusiasts in the winter wonderland of Bansko.

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