crochet granny square

Crochet Granny Square: Unique Puff Post with NO HOLES

Everyone adores granny squares, but let’s be honest, sometimes the typical granny stitch can feel a bit predictable and repetitive. That’s why we’re on the lookout for something different, something more fun and brand new to spice things up! So I’m excited to share a beautiful, updated version of the solid crochet Granny Square that not only looks incredibly pleasing but also boasts a new design with almost NO HOLES! This updated pattern simplifies the creation process, making it wonderfully easy to craft even for beginners.

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solid crochet granny squares

Take a look at the picture showing two granny squares crafted from yarns of different sizes. The first square was made using Size 3 yarn and a 4 mm hook, while the second one – Size 0/1 yarn with a 3 mm hook. Also, by changing the yarn size and hook, you can achieve varying effects in your crochet squares but still make it solid.

Abbreviations (US):
st – stitch
ch – chain
sc – single crochet
dc – double crochet
tr – treble crochet


Working in rounds

Round 1: ch 5 (counts as dc), make 1 dc in the first st of the chain, ch 1, continue making 1 dc + ch 1 total of 8. Sl st in the 3rd ch.

Round 2: ch 3, 2 dc in the ch 1 space from round below. Next – puff post (yarn over, go behind the dc post of the previous round, yarn over, pull a tall loop, yarn over, go behind the dc, yarn over, pull a loop as tall as you can. Total of 5 loops on the hook, yarn over and pull through 4 loops, yarn over and pull through 2 loops). *Continue making 3 dc in the next ch 1 space, puff post around dc* Repeat a total of 7 times. Sl st in the 3rd ch.

Round 3: ch 3, 4 dc, for no-hole corner make 1 dc and 1 tr in the same st, make 1 tr and 1 dc in the next st. 6 dc, make a no-hole corner. Repeat until you get 4 corners. Finish with 1 dc and sl st in the 3rd ch.

crochet puff post granny square

Round 4: ch 1, 1 sc in the same st, *make a puff post around dc from Round 2 (middle dc in between puff posts). Skip 1 sc where you just made puff post, 3 sc, for no-hole corner: 1 sc and 1 dc in the same st, 1 dc and 1 sc in the next st. 4 sc* Repeat a total of 4 times. (last stitches only 2 sc) Finish with sl st in the first ch.

crochet granny square

Round 5: ch 3, 6 dc, for no-hole corner: 1 dc and 1 tr in the same st, 1 tr and 1 dc in the next st. *10 dc, no hole corner* Repeat 3 times (last stitches only 3 dc) Finish with sl st in the 3rd ch.

granny square

And here you have it!
Adorable Puff Post Granny Square with no holes.
Use it to make tops, cardigans, scarves, skirts and so much more!
Hope you enjoyed this pattern and happy crocheting! ♥

crochet granny square

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